You can order basic websites from around £150 to £600. These are “brochure” websites – your visitors won’t be able to buy anything from your site – it’s just there for information. There’ll normally be a contact page on it and the information on your site will not really ever be updated. You can expect to pay £5-£10 a month for hosting fees and for the ability to send and receive emails from your company address website domain name.

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Enhanced websites are also brochure sites but they feature more pages. They’re often registered with Google’s SEO tools and will link in to your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Their content will be updated a lot more frequently. Expect to pay £600 to £1,500 depending on the number of pages. Hosting and email fees are similar to basic sites but there will be additional charges (usually £100-£150) for putting up additional web pages.

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E-commerce websites will be like an enhanced website but will give customers the chance to buy online and to interact with your staff via live chat and instant messaging. How much these cost depends on the number of pages and the number of products for sale. Expect to pay £1,000 to £5,000 for these with ongoing charges for hosting, email, additional contents, and additional products.

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Bespoke websites do everything you want them to do. Starting at around £5,000, they can run into six or seven figures depending on how much content there is on the site, whether it integrates into your current computer systems, any special one-off functions it has and so on.

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