Reports API

With reports API you can generate a link or button, depending on the classes that you are using, that will allow users to report an item.

report mod

Report modal.

API example

jimport(''); //import reports libraries

$reportsHTML  = onisReport::report((int)$petition->id, 'petition', 'btn btn-xs btn-default', false, CCOMPONENT);

Generate the HTML code:

onisReport::report($itemid, $item, $class = NULL, $title = TRUE, $component);
  • $itemid - unique, numerical item id;
  • $item - unique item name;
  • $class - css classes for the button;
  • $title - if true, show button title;
  • $component - component name;

You can change HTML code here:


When reporting an item, users have the option to write the reason why they are reporting the item.


report backend

 On the backend the administrator can see the list of reports for every component as long with some details of the report.

  • reason - reason of the report, can be empty;
  • item - name of the reported item;
  • user - name of the user that reported the item;
  • date - date when the item was reported;
  • status - current status of the report, can be solved(green) or unsolved(orange) and also from here the report can be removed(red);
  • id - unique, numerical report id;