Ratings API

With ratings API you can generate links or buttons, depending on the classes that you are using, that will allow users to rate an item. It can be used only with the like button or it can be used with the dislike button.


Left: Default rating style. Center: Item is liked, can be disliked or remove the like. Right: Item is disliked, can be liked or remove the dislike.

rating dislike disabled

Left: Default rating style, dislike disabled. Right: Item is liked, can be unliked.

API example

jimport('oniscore.rating'); //import ratings libraries

$ratingsHTML  = onisRating::rating((int)$petition->id, 'petition', 'btn btn-xs btn-default', CCOMPONENT);

Generate the HTML code:

onisRating::rating($itemid, $item, $class = NULL, $component);
  • $itemid - unique, numerical item id;
  • $item - unique item name;
  • $class - css classes for the button;
  • $component - component name;

You can change HTML code here:


To show the rating for an item you can use:

  • $rating - numerical rating count, can be negative;


$ratingCount     = onisRating::ratingCount((int)$petition->id, 'petition', CCOMPONENT);
$ratingLabelHTML = onisRating::ratingLabel($ratingCount);