Promotes API

With promotes API you can generate a link or button, depending on the classes that you are using, that will allow administrators to promote an item.


Left: Item can be promoted. Right: Item is promoted, can be unpromoted.

API example

jimport('oniscore.promote'); //import promotes libraries

$promotesHTML  = onisPromote::promote((int)$petition->id, 'petition', 'btn btn-xs btn-default', CCOMPONENT);

Generate the HTML code:

onisPromote::promote($itemid, $item, $class = NULL, $component);
  • $itemid - unique, numerical item id;
  • $item - unique item name;
  • $class - css class for the button;
  • $component - component name;

You can change HTML code here:


When an item is promoted it will be added on the mainpage of the component, if more items are promoted there will be a carousel with all the promoted items. The HTML code for the promoted items can be found here:


promote carousel

Carousel with promoted items.