How to moderate

The latest versions of our components came with a lot of new features, the possibility to moderate new items added is one of them. Follow the instructions in this tutorial in order to enable or disable moderation for new added items.

STEP 1 Component permissions

The first thing you need to do is to review user permissions and decide which group of users will be moderated. So if you want to disable moderation for the selected group, new setting needs to be "Allowed". In the below image items added by users in selected group will be moderated.

preferences acl


STEP 2 Email notifications

Once you enabled moderation for a specific users group you can choose if you want to send email notifications to administrators when a new item is added.

preferences songs


STEP 3 Items to moderate

When a new item is added and moderation is enabled you will receive an email(if enabled and you are administrator), but you can also see if new items needs moderation on the items page...

songs list

...or on the mainpage...



STEP 4 Moderate

To approve or disapprove the new item, edit the item and select new status...

album edit

...or from items list...

songs list moderate